New PCJ Report on Emerging Adult Justice in Massachusetts

Research Fellows Lael Chester and Selen Siringil Perker from the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School have authored the first in a series of Emerging Adult Justice issue briefs “Emerging Adults: A distinct population that calls for an age-appropriate approach by the justice system.” The brief defines emerging adults as the group of individuals transitioning from childhood to adulthood that, despite facing the worst criminal justice outcomes and recidivism rates, signify a critical opportunity for criminal justice intervention via evidence-informed policies and programming that both reduce crime and enhance socio-economic outcomes…MORE

Schiraldi: Justice System Failing Young People (Boston Herald)

Crime and the Adolescent Brain (New York Times)

Malloy Proposes Justice System Changes For Young Adults (Hartford Courant)

Can we reduce incarceration for violent offenses while involving crime survivors? (Huffington Post)

Survey Shows Public Support for Fewer, and Smaller, Juvenile Facilities
(The Chronicle of Social Change)

Young People Devoured by Jail
(New York Daily News)

States are raising age for adult prosecution back to 18 (ABA Journal)

The Pitfalls of Youth Incarceration (OJP Blog)

New York City defied national trends, cut incarceration rate in half, study finds (PBS NewsHour)

Report looks at national impact of municipal court fines and fees on poor, people of color (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Report concurs with state’s plan to close Connecticut Juvenile Training School (The Middletown Press)

Better by Half: How New York City Cut Crime and Incarceration at the Same Time (The Marshall Project)

Youth prisons don't reform, they damage (USA Today)

Who’s a Kid? Science — and law enforcement — are rethinking young adults (The Marshall Project)
‘Every Youth Prison in the Country Should Be Closed’ (The Crime Report)
Next Administration Needs to Close Youth Prisons, Experts Say (Youth Today)
Youth justice Study Finds Prison Counterproductive (Harvard Gazette)
Report: Youth Should Not Be Behind Bars (Public News Service)
Federal Role on Closing Youth Prisons? Schiraldi Suggests Incentives to Reverse Super-Predator Building Craze (The Chronicle of Social Change)

Moving Beyond Bratton (New York Times)

Shut Down Don Dale and All Youth Detention Facilities, Says US Expert
(Sydney Morning Herald)

‘They Need to Destroy It’: US Experts on Don Dale and Youth Detention

Try Youths in Family Court (New York Times)

Counting People Where They Live, Not Where They’re In Prison (Huffington Post)

The Ever-Swinging Police-Community Pendulum: Lessons From a Terrible Week in St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Dallas (New York Daily News)

Mayor Walsh Proposes New Office to Assist Individuals Re-entering Society
(City of Boston press release)

A Special Part for Young Offenders (NY Law Journal)

States Move Toward Treating 17-Year-Old Offenders as Juveniles, Not Adults (NY Times)

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